Civil rights hero plans film

Updated: Mar 12

NC native Clarence Henderson raising funds for 'Forgotten Courage' to inspire generations

After a nearly two year delay owed to disruptions imposed by China's Wuhan virus, American patriot Clarence Henderson is moving forward with production of a film based on his childhood and emergence from segregation in the mid-20th century.

"Forgotten Courage" is targeting a release in early 2023. Henderson's goal is to awaken American youth to the perils of apathy and indifference toward the Left's soft tyranny imposed on minorities.

"We're in danger," said Henderson, who at 18 joined other Greensboro youths in 1960 by defying a white-only restriction at a Woolworth lunch counter. "We've become thin skinned. Our history has to be told."

Henderson later become a financial services executive and, today, at 80, is chair of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, and a widely sought after public speaker.

Phase one of the film project, fundraising, is under way. A screenplay by Michael Powell has been drafted. Actors are being recruited. The film's budget is $1.67 million. To learn more and become a donor, click here.

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