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NC GOP at center of historic Supreme Court map ruling

  • On the Left, hysterical claims of dire consequences for elections

  • A lawsuit to insulate state legislatures from activist judges, courts in matters of drawing congressional maps derided as attempt to subvert presidential elections

By Ian McDougall


To hear some tell it, a Supreme Court case set for argument on Dec. 7, 2022, could spell the end of democracy in the United States. If the Republicans who brought the case, Moore v. Harper, prevail, state legislatures will effectively be free to override the votes of their citizens in presidential elections, the doomsayers predict. That might allow a future presidential candidate to undo an election, much as Donald Trump attempted, but failed, to do in 2020.

The Atlantic warned that the “Court’s right-wing supermajority is poised to let state lawmakers overturn voters’ choice in presidential elections.” The Guardian opined that a ruling in favor of the GOP would mean that “whether Republicans win or lose elections via the popular vote will not matter because they will be able to maintain power regardless.” And Slate called Moore v. Harper “the Supreme Court case that could upend democracy.” Read more.

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