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NC GOP 2024 convention set for June 23-26

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Rep. Dan Bishop, House conservative stalwart, launches campaign for N.C. Attorney General ahead of '24 election

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Click tab above to download VIP photos with Steve Bannon

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Poll workers are patriots


It is hard work to ensure victorious Republican candidates on Election Day. It requires fundraising, phone calling, mailing, door knocking and persistent messaging.

Yet, all of this toil can be for naught if election polling places and absentee voting are corrupted by deliberate forces. This is not hypothetical. We've seen it in action in the recent election cycles of 2020 and 2022.


The North Carolina Election Integrity Teams initiative provides a playbook for making elections fair and secure. The mission is to establish a trusted, statewide infrastructure comprising a network of county election integrity task forces with trained, certified, and geographically positioned operators to ensure secure and legitimate election processes, November 2023 and beyond. Read more.

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Measures votes and co-sponsorships

to gauge conservative activity among members of Congress in real time

Average Senate Republican: 75%

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Sen. Ted Budd

 2023-24 Session





Sen. Thom Tillis

 2023-24 Session





Rep. Richard Hudson

 2023-24 Session





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The Thursday Think Tank


Taking aim on the Left

Thursdays | 11 a.m. | Moore GOP HQ

Olmsted Village Shopping Center

Issues | Events | Strategy | Coffee

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Visit App Store on iPhone. Download BillBlaster. Allow location tracking. Access your Congressmen with ease. Call, open web sites, or post to their X/Twitter accounts.

"​The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just they know so much that isn't so.



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